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Water sports enthusiast,

I discovered Kitesurf in 2000.


Already Windsurfer at the time I discovered a practice with fantastic potential.


Very sensitive to safety and aware that kitesurfing requires reassuring and high-quality learning, Today I suggest you take advantage of my experience in my own school "

Julien Fernandez

Martinique Kiteschool.


Nautical diplomas and training


  • BNSSA in 2005 (national patent for water safety and rescue)

  • Federal sailing supervision in 2005

  • BPJEPS Windsurfing / Water Skiing / Wakeboarding in 2007

  • BPJEPS Aerotracted Gliding in 2009 (Kitesurf)

  • Technical and Pedagogical Improvement Training in Catamaran in 2010

  • Kitesurf Tutor Training in 2011

  • Boat / Habitable Training in 2012

  • Technical and Pedagogical Improvement Training in Foil in 2015


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